Deploy your website or app updates within minutes.

Create projects. Work together remotely.

Deploy your website updates fast and easily with or without a DevOps engineer in your team. With EDO4 you can work on frontend, backend, develop websites and applications together with your remote team or work on various projects on your own. It only takes a few minutes to set up a new development structure. The whole process is automated allowing you to save time, money and avoid human mistakes.

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Why EDo4?

Save money on DevOps Engineering or outsourcing

Avoid mistakes and data loss with automated service

Save time replacing manual work with our automated service

Free trial, no strings attached, no CC required

EDO4 supports most popular development frameworks

EDO4 currently supports 4 of the most popular frameworks: PHP Native, Laravel, Laminas, and Zend. But we never stop improving our product. EDO4 is built by developers for developers. So, we’re constantly working on making our platform useful and handy for you. We listen carefully to your ideas and requests. Feel free to contact us to express your desires. And don’t forget to vote for the upcoming features. Those that will get more votes will be developed first.

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EDO4 has everything you and your team need to develop, run, test and scale websites and apps

EDO4 is a DevOps automation platform that simplifies development teamwork, saves time on setting up development environments, accelerates deployment processes, and much more.

Who’s EDO4 for?



Web-applications developers and supporters


Mark L.

Mark L.

PHP Developer

“EDO4 helped me optimize my workload and day-to-day tasks a lot. Thank you!”

Dana S.

Dana S.


“I didn’t expect it to be so easy to use! It’s amazing! I definitely recommend it to everyone!”

Stefan K.

Stefan K.

PHP Developer

“OMG! Why didn’t I know about EDO4 earlier? I would have saved so much time! Love it!”

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