Devinci features

Devinci was developed by web developers for web developers. For that reason, we’ve tried to add everything you might need when developing a web project or an app. With Devinci, you can work on your projects and make changes as a team even if you are located in different parts of the world. You can deploy the development environment and implement changes within minutes. New users can get access to your projects quickly. Devinci gives you total control!

Devinci | progress

Here’s a full list of Devinci features:


Free trial Premium
7 days
Custom MVC PHP framework
Laravel Framework
Zend Framework (Laminas)
Environment up time
12 hours
Notifications System
Deployment on prem server
Developing Server
Staging Server
Slack Notifications
CI\CD auto Deployment
Account Active Duration
7 days
MySQL (5.6, 5.7, 8.0)
Gogs (Git) Repository
Default Web Page\Project
Users Management
Teams Management
Projects Management
SSL\Certificate Installation
Custom Domains
Build logs

Devinci supports 4 development frameworks:

Devinci currently supports 4 of the most popular frameworks: PHP Native, Laminas, Laravel, and Zend.

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Laminas is an object-oriented web application framework

Laravel is a framework for web applications development

Zend delivers leading PHP solutions

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